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A (Mobile) Dao of Web Design

New forms of media take a while to go mainstream; but, when they do, it is often because they are inspired by what came before. Referencing a more familiar, mainstream medium has often proven to be a successful strategy, as … Continue reading

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My belated homage to Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs died, I decided not to write anything. There wasn’t much I could say about Steve, having never met the man and knowing little about him as a person. Yet, like most of us who have dedicated our … Continue reading

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Go after monolithic markets

One of the great things about moving from one place to another is all the free stuff people leave behind. A few weeks ago, Highland shuffled out of its decade-long digs on Route 2W in Lexington, MA and headed over … Continue reading

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Peter Thiel and the definite future

I attended a discussion with Peter Thiel yesterday at Harvard Business School. This is my second time hearing Peter speak in the last 12 months, and I find his brand of intellectual honesty quite refreshing in the age of politicized, … Continue reading

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Am I destroying civilization?

I tend to think of the pursuit of technology as a humanitarian endeavor. Inventions like the printing press, steam engine, transistor, polymerase chain reaction machine, and the internet have all created immense social value, in addition to private wealth. I … Continue reading

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interview to venture: Episode 2, Bit9

Last time on interview to venture, I sat down with Boris Revsin, co-founder & CEO of CampusLIVE. Boris is a first-time CEO in his 20’s and is building a consumer internet company that is transforming the way college kids interact … Continue reading

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3 reasons why it’s ok for MBAs to seek jobs in tech.

Last week, the WSJ raised alarm bells by reporting that 5 of the top 10 desired employers of MBAs this year are consumer technology companies. Long-standing service firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Goldman Sachs, and Blackstone were joined by likes … Continue reading

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