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The 2nd ARPA-E Summit: Same as it ever was?

The second ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit last week was a big dose of déjà vu for me. I had the privilege of attending last year as well, so I’ve gotten a chance to see how this energy R&D conference has … Continue reading

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The miracle of 80% by 2035

President Obama made a pretty bold (and frankly unexpected) statement in the State of the Union address last week: Now, clean energy breakthroughs will only translate into clean energy jobs if businesses know there will be a market for what they’re … Continue reading

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Get the data out!

Data is everywhere, but you can’t always get at it. It’s trapped in millions of silos, each with its own proprietary way of representing that data. Not all this data is “big data.” Some of it’s unsexy, and very low … Continue reading

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I drove a Tesla Roadster this weekend.

I’ve rode shotgun in electric vehicles (EVs) before, but this weekend was my first time driving one. Thanks to my good friends at the HBS Energy Symposium, I got the opportunity to take a Tesla Roadster 2.5 for a spin … Continue reading

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Engaging the consumer at GridWeek

I spent the beginning of this week in our nation’s capital, attending one of the smart grid’s flagship conferences: GridWeek. While the big theme last year was the timing of the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) rollout, as well as standards … Continue reading

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Cleantech questions from Harvard Business School

If there’s one thing you learn at Harvard Business School (HBS),  it’s how to ask a good question. It’s a real skill, and one that does not come naturally. HBS is very good at using repetition and social pressure to … Continue reading

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Will solar in 2011 look like automobiles in 1911?

The automobile traces its roots back to Europe — first to France in 1860 with the invention of the internal combustion engine, and then to Germany in 1876 with the invention of the 4-stroke gasoline engine. In the United States, … Continue reading

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