Come join me on my new blog:

My first 18 months of blogging has been an interesting experiment for me. I never liked to write when I was in school, but I have grown to enjoy it more and more as I’ve gotten older. That said, keeping up with a long-form blog like the one I’ve established here on has been increasingly difficult as I’ve gotten busier at work.

Yes, I know that other VCs seem to find time to write long, expressive posts and still invest in a few startups along the way. Fred Wilson, Mark Suster, Bill Gurley, David Cowan, and Brad Feld (as well as a few others) have somehow figured out this work/blog balance. If you don’t follow them, I would encourage you to do so.

But fear not! I have not given up on blogging. Instead, I am changing the way I do it.

I have started a new blog at Follow it on tumblr. Or, point your favorite RSS reader here, if that’s your thing. Even easier: follow me on Twitter at @ataussig, as I will tweet out new posts.

I think you’ll agree that the new blog is a bit sleeker and set up for me to produce wonderful bite-size knowledge nuggets for you all to consume on a more regular basis.

Anyway, I will post here from time to time, but please do follow me over to my new home at Looking forward to seeing you there!

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